Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Because you make me smile..."

"- Love David". That's what the card said for the beautiful lilies & tulips that I found waiting for me at work yesterday. Do I have love in my life and my heart?? Yes, indeed. Overflowing on a daily basis. I didn't know love could feel this warm and fuzzy and smiley and giddy... wheeeee!!! And all it took was lilies?! Nah, it's the fact that David appreciates that I like the unexpected, something different. He'll never send me roses on Valentine's Day, because that would be too common, but tulips because I make him smile? I LOVE IT!

I love you baby!

I'll post a picture tomorrow once they fully bloom, they're beautiful.

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Ericanbiloxi said...

That is too sweet!
Scott always comes home with mums when they are in season and says, it is mums, for the mummy*
Yeah, I don't really like the look of em, but the thought and goofyness behind it....well it is sweet too, in it's own way. lol