Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So much fun, so little time :)

Here I am with some time on my hands, so I thought I'd best post some new happenings since David called me out earlier for not posting lately on the blog :) He likes to read the recaps of our latest adventures I guess, since they're always fun. I've got some time on my hands because I'm here supervising the window installation at David's house. Can you believe he left me in charge?! I'm drunk with power. Wheeeee!! The windows look soooo good, his vision for the house is becoming reality, a little at a time.

Anyway, what fun have we been up to lately? Padres games of course, and now that football season is about to start, you know where we'll be on Sundays. David at the home games and me posted on the couch watching them all. I love football, and I love it that we have a team with potential to do even better this year. Gotta love LT!!! David's been golfing a little and we even went miniature golfing! I don't think I've ever been mini-golfing! It was so much fun, but we are both very competitive, so even though it was only mini-golf, we both wanted to kick a$$... of course, I lost though, so I had to suck it up :( David tried to give me a couple of do-overs so I could get a better score, but that just goes against my nature!

We've been going to the racetrack in Del Mar too, it runs the end of July through early September every year. Besides seeing all the beautiful horses, it's fun to place little bets, even more fun to win :) and they have concerts and festivals every weekend too. There are people dressed casually and then there are people decked out in cute sundresses and heels, and huge hats. I did the sundress thing one weekend when we had a table, but otherwise, there's too much standing and walking around for my poor feet... it's flip-flops all the way.

We've been having very hot weather for San Diego, and yes I know that this is relative because everywhere else it is unbearable for much of the summer. But it is relevant to my story from last weekend. I ran the America's Finest City Half Marathon on Sunday morning and it was brutal because it was so hot. It starts out at Point Loma, directly on the ocean so normally at 7 a.m. it is quite cool there. Last year when I ran it, I had wished I had brought a sweatshirt to wait at the start line. But not on Sunday, I started sweating heavily as soon as we started the race. I knew it was going to be a tough 13.1 miles! At about mile 7 I had my usual thoughts of "Why am I doing this again?" But I actually had thoughts of quitting, which are not normal. I was not just drinking water at the water stations, but I was pouring it over me, which blurred my sunglasses so I couldn't wear them. Next time I'm wearing a hat and taking a little towel on the run with me! Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty good run considering the heat. David was at the finish line to see me cross!! He is such a stud, he got up at 4 a.m. with me to drop me off at the shuttles to take me to the starting line, is he cool or what?!

After finishing up the race, we had already planned to go the racetrack for the Pacific classic. Believe it or not, 13.1 miles is not a killer for me. I'm not a fast runner, but I can go some distance before it affects me too much. Well it was the heat that did me in on Sunday. As soon as we got to the track, we stood in the sun in the Paddock area for about 10 minutes, then went inside to make some bets. It was stuffy and hot inside and I realized I was about to pass out if I didn't get water fast and get outside in the breeze. I would have just been mortified! So out I ran leaving David to find me some water. As soon as he handed it to me I downed a 16 oz. bottle in about 5 seconds! So thanks to my baby for taking care of me :)

So David has his 20 year class reunion this weekend (where does the time go?!) He'll be catching up with old friends and I'll be catching up with Ms. Heidi, we're going to be hanging at the pool all weekend I'm sure. Now if I can just get back to posting every day! I won't have to bombard you with long posts at once!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mattel Toy Recall

Many of you have probably heard about this, but since I've been so slow with blogging this week, I'm adding it anyway just in case!

Here's an article on MSNBC with lists of the toys recalled. And check out the EPA website information on lead exposure, with information on the recall also.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Slowly but surely I'm becoming a certified Padres fan :) David's been taking me to a lot of the games (definitely spoiling me, I'm realizing). We were there on Friday and Sunday last weekend, waiting on Friday to see if Barry Bonds would tie Hank Aaron's record. It was very exciting with all the flashbulbs going off as he came up to bat, the crowd cheering AND booing... Sunday we went with Paul and Jill and checked out the new addition of the Tony Gwynn statue that just went up. The weather was perfect and we had a great day, a great weekend actually :) Next weekend is the start of the football pre-season, whoo hoo!! I'm already a Chargers fanatic, so I'm looking forward to this season... GO CHARGERS!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

the DIY Diet

What a great article on Going it alone: the Do-It-Yourself Diet. Finding weight management strategies that fit your lifestyle is so critical because then you can incorporate them for life, not just during the time you are losing weight. Just because something works for person A does not mean that it will work for person B. Find out what works for you based on the common sense of burning more calories than you take in. And find an exercise that you enjoy or can at least tolerate doing on a daily basis! Most people cannot maintain their weight without exercise, and even if you can, it is good for your bones, your hormones and your body. Exercise anyway!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing

I just tried Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing and it is very good. It is his line's lowest calorie dressing at 35 calories per 2 tbsp, which is half as much as most of his other "Lighten Up" dressings. Many "light" dressings can still add lots of calories if you're using more than one serving, but if you find one low enough, you don't really have to watch portions. I'm all about flavor too, so just because something is within the calorie range doesn't necessarily mean it gets my stamp of approval :) I try to stay below 35-40 calories per 2 tablespoons (which is a typical serving size of salad dressing), but my favorite is still Galeo's Miso dressing, which is at 44 calories per serving. This dressing is so flavorful though, I don't need to even use that much and you would never guess that it's part of a healthy diet plan. It is yummy!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Transition Anxiety

I learned a lot about myself in this article by Martha Beck in the latest Oprah magazine. I'm a major polychrone in a world of monochrones :) I have to incorporate some of these strategies to help me cope.

I also just switched to Verizon and got the Motorola Q PDA, I'm hoping that keeping my tasks lists, notes, email, etc with me on the go, will help me be better organized too. We'll see :) I've got to learn how to program the reminders and alarms on it so I can get stuff done on time. What a concept :)

Do you think you're a monochrone or a polychrone?