Thursday, September 18, 2008

No tickets to the "gun show"

As you know, I love running, walking, any type of cardio. But the only strength training I've found that I like to do is in the context of a class, like pushups during my boxing class, or making the effort to do a pilates class before boxing. But I've never really been able to consistently add any type of weight training routine. So I told my class last night that the next thing I would try would be to keep my weights by the TV or by my computer and I would lift periodically throughout the morning while I'm working at home. It's working so far!! I take little breaks to do short bouts of lifting. I'm not sure if it will make a great impact in my "guns" but I think if I can start some consistency with this strategy, I may learn to like weight lifting enough to incorporate an actual consistent routine a couple of times a week. I stumbled across these 10 lb. weights when I was looking for my heavier weights (which I was dreading using, but they were my only weights)... do these look familiar David? I found them in the "storage" bedroom :)
What's your favorite type of exercise? Cardio, strength, or none at all?


David said...

I was wondering what happened to those. Good thing your using them because we need you to bulk up for the Charger games that you will be going to this year. I may need some protection at the games.

Lola Granola said...

and it's working leaving them out by the TV. i got your back baby :)

Anonymous said...

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