Thursday, April 12, 2007


Last weekend started out all about exercise. On Friday, I did two sessions of walking (per my assignment from work) and got in about 7 miles, then Saturday I took a boxing class with my friend Angela in the morning, and then ran for 3 miles later that afternoon. I was tired, but feeling good about working out.

Angela and I are trying to find some boxing classes that we can take on a per-class fee basis. There are quite a few boxing gyms in San Diego, which have great boxing & kickboxing classes, but you have to join the gym and we are both members of other gyms already, sooooo... the search continues. In the meantime, we are getting great workouts trying out the classes. They are very high intensity.

Anyway, by Sunday it was lounge and relax day. It was overcast, a perfect day for staying inside on the couch. David went to work for awhile early that morning and I took the time to finish some laundry, but by noon we were firmly planted on the sofa at his house in front of his big screen TV. And guess what was on... Golf! The Master's tournament. Now I know a little about golf because my dad and my brother are both fanatics. I've even tried it before and of course found it incredibly frustrating. I've been to the Buick Invitational and was so impressed by the players. But I've never watched golf on TV and I never understood why you would want to :) But, it was lounging day, and I wasn't getting my butt off the couch and David was interested in flipping between the golf tournament and the Padres game. I figured I would be able to get in a good nap. So I started watching both figuring to doze off at any moment, when suddenly I started following the competition of the tournament. Realizing the mental and physical skill of the players. And getting involved in the stories & the drama of the winners and competitors. I think I must be a competition junkie :) If I can understand the strategy and skill behind a sport, I'm hooked. So I had to stay awake to see if Tiger could pull it off at the 18th hole... had to see what Zach Johnson had to say for himself after he won... had to see Phil Mickelson sit through the interview after the tournament wondering how he had blown it. Now I just have to figure out how to stay focused during a baseball game :) After our day of lounging on Sunday, David took me to the Padres game on Monday night. Nachos & beer, this is not a good food environment :) but it was fun. And now I think I'm about to get talked into going golfing!!!! I'll keep you posted, because if it's not fun, at least it will be funny as hell.


Tsiporah said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! I never understood how people could watch golf on t.v. as well. Maybe I will actually sit down and try to watch it one day...maybe.

Tsiporah said...
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CreoleInDC said...

Your brother says to remind you that you can hit a golf ball really well! LOL!

Ericanbiloxi said...

I keep telling my Scott that i want him to take me golfing one day, but since lil ,theme park golfing games bring out the worst sportsmanship in we don't try the real deal*
The kickboxing, now that sounds like real fun!