Monday, April 02, 2007

I can still act like a brat

I can still be an evil little brat... and I really have to keep forgiving myself for it instead of hating it. Although the weekend was really fun and overall David and I had a great time, it was definitely hampered by my inner brat throwing a little tantrum. So unnecessary and unproductive. I know that I wish I was perfect, and in the past that was my excuse for acting in any manner I felt like acting ~ if I can't be perfect, why not just do what feels good? and not in a healthy, pleasant way either. That didn't work out so well. :) So now I practice accepting my imperfections and learning to forgive myself when that ugly part of me shows itself. I am grateful that it happens less and less and that I am truly learning to forgive myself. But man, it's tough. It's tough to hurt someone that you love with a bit of evil little brat when they didn't sign up for that.

So what went right this weekend? I'm grateful for:

  • David ~ he deserves a special medal for the weekend :)
  • New friends ~ good people who share their lives and good times with you. We celebrated David's friend Paul's birthday on Saturday and David's dad's birthday on Sunday.
  • Beautiful, gorgeous SD weather ~ it's back!
  • My faith that I am in the midst of learning things about myself that will not only help me, but maybe inspire others to help themselves.
  • Veggie burgers :) I am a vegetarian and proud of it.


CreoleInDC said...

You know you truly love someone when you hurt when you've hurt them.

CreoleInDC said...

You know you truly love someone when you hurt when you've hurt them.

David said...

She was indeed a "brat", but not enough for it to destroy something that has been going so well. Plus we have vacation plans :) I'm just wondering when i'm going to get my special medal that you mentioned.

Tsiporah said...

As the saying goes...It's OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them...or something like that. Glad you had a nice weekend anyway.

CreoleInDC said...

I promised you one? Well baby...if I PROMISED's as good as DONE! Well be in Sunny Sandyeggo Memorial Day weekend! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I love life!