Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I love....

  • David ~ he is thoughtful, funny, smart, cute and supportive... and that's just my top 5 list today!
  • Bubbles! The old school kind in the little jar with the wand :) they make me smile!!
  • Watermelon ~ YUMMY!! It is so good right now, David figures I eat 2 - 3 watermelons a week.
  • Therapy ~ I'm in the middle of tough stuff right now which I could never heal on my own. It's good to know when to get help.
  • San Diego ~ we're in the middle of a heat wave, it's 70 degrees downtown! Seriously, it's over 100 degrees in east county, but hey, I don't live there hehe :)


David said...

David is a pretty "cool kat"
Rachel is like a little girl in a candy shop with those bubbles. I was driving us back from the beach and she was just sitting there giggling as the bubbles hit me in the face or went into some other cars on the road. good times

CreoleInDC said...

Heat wave of 70 degrees huh? If I didn't know better...I'd say you'd never been down South. LOL!

Ericanbiloxi said...

70 degrees? are you kid'N me Rach?
That is it....I am moving! lol
I love Watermelon, but every time Scott says, "Hey, wanna get one?" I say "nah, takes up too much room in the fridge" then he hollers so everyone in the store can hear....."Sorry girls* the melon will take up mommas beer space in the fridge" (well you would think they would get it by now and quit asking to buy one of those things...lol)