Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to business

I can't believe it's 2008, but now that the bustle of the holidays is over it's back to business and setting new goals for the year. David and I are moved in together and it is a very exciting time for both of us, and I'm trying to stay cheery about the unpacking process :) I never realize how much stuff I have until I have to move it! I've moved quite a bit over the years, but it's nice to know that now I am settling in with someone that I love and now I get to share my life with my best friend.

One of my goals for this year is to make this blog a place for positive information and inspiration, especially from a health perspective. I want to help people feel vibrant, not just to be thin. There are a lot of risks that come with obesity and now is the time to get into the specifics of being healthy. I hope I can do my part to help with that.

I'm going to start by expanding on the issues that I put in the poll at the end of last year. Hopefully that will be a helpful start to kick off the new year. I hope everyone is preparing for a positive and joyous new year!

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