Wednesday, March 21, 2007


OK, so I don't eat healthy at every meal 100% of the time. I'm usually very focused on my diet and what I eat, but sometimes a girl just needs some grease :) So what's a vegetarian to do when you're in the mood for a burger and fries?? Fortunately for me, I guess, there's a place called Fatburger and they actually have a Boca Veggie Burger!! and their skinny fries are sooooo good. Well, so bad for you, but full of greasy flavor. David and I were just in the mood for fries on Sunday for lunch and you guessed it, we found our way to Pacific Beach and the local Fatburger... I ate the whole thing and enjoyed every bite :) However, that was the day I decided I would increase my fruits and veggie intake on a daily basis. I'm planning to get 10 - 12 servings each day. This includes 1 cup servings of most fruits & veggies, or 3 cups of salad greens, or 1/2 cup of beans/legumes (including tofu). So maybe Fatburger won't be a regular occurence, but my servings of yummy fruits & veggies will be!


David said...

Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Fatburger is good, thanks again for corrupting me or is it the other way around

Lola Granola said...

well hopefully i'm corrupting you with fruits & veggies as well as Fatburger :) mmmmmm, Fatburger *drooling like Homer Simpson*