Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Gratitude

Speaking of having good people in my life to love and support me, David knows sometimes before I do when I'm sad or melancholy. I'm trying to "keep up appearances" but then I realize he's right after he simply asks, "why are you sad today?". That recognition on his part makes me feel very protected and cared for and for which I am grateful even beyond his awareness.

What do I need to do to care for my sadness?

I accept that I feel this way and that it doesn't "mean" anything about me. In essence, there is nothing wrong with me for feeling this way.

My intention is to be aware of this moment, and to practice gratitude and loving-kindness in this moment so that I can create a loving life for the future.

I trust that there is a power beyond me but within me, which I call God, that will give me grace in every situation where I am afraid and that will allow into my life every situation for the evolution of my loving life.

I let go of any expectations I have of how my loving life will manifest, knowing that God knows more than I do what will bring me happiness.

I meditate and focus on the present moment by focusing on my breathing.

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