Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Focusing on the "To Do's"

In my job as a health educator at IHM, our focus is on teaching people what we call the "to do" behaviors of health management. There is a lot of information and focus everywhere on what NOT to do when it comes to losing or maintaining weight: "Don't eat processed foods", "Don't eat saturated fat", "Don't eat eggs, chocolate, meat... etc, etc..." But the idea is that if you focus enough on the "to-do" foods, in particular fruits & vegetables, you will fill yourself up to the point that you don't need the "not-to-do's" or you at least minimize them. That's a simplified explanation of what we do, but I said that to explain that I'm personally going to start doing this with my thoughts, and what I put into my mind. I've been trying to stop wasting time on these celebrity gossip sites that I can't seem to get enough of... I guess it's my soap opera :) and I've been focusing on the "not-to-do"... "Don't view these sites"... but my new tactic is similar to our focus at work... Focus on the "to-do's".

Much in the same way that I focus on my fruit & veggie intake, I'm focusing on the "to-do's" of listening to Joel Osteen as much as possible and listening to Wayne Dyer in my car. I'm trying to make sure my input is as positive as possible as much as possible. I still find myself drawn to garbage celebrity sites, but not as much as usual, plus I'm happier listening to the positive input of Joel & Wayne. I'll next be moving on to Debbie Ford & Marianne Willliamson :)

I finally found a way to download Joel's podcasts to my Napster mp3 player (I'm a dinosaur, and don't have an iPod). Juice is a cross-platform podcast receiver and I finally got it to work. So now if I go for a walk, I can listen to Joel's message. I also started recording his messages on the DVR, so I listen to that in the morning having my coffee, instead of getting sucked into R.egis & K.elly :) Yes, I know you love them, but I'm aiming for pure positivity and Kelly is a little like processed positivity.

Thoughts turn into feelings which turn into actions. My goal is to improve my daily actions, more love, more joy, more peace... I want those things to direct my thoughts and direct my life.

What are your "to do's" to improve your thinking?

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