Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who are YOU?

YOU are not what you do... YOU are not your job, your resume or your net worth... YOU are not your weight, your body, your clothes, your car... You are not your mistakes or your past, your accomplishments or your hobbies... these things you have and these things you do are all temporary and imperfect and part of your story while you go through this life.

YOU are the unbelievably glorious brilliance of God's perfection... the REAL YOU is eternal and perfect and cannot be changed by what you have or what you do or diminished by what happens in this life. God loves YOU... and you should love YOU too! Why? Because YOU are fabulous!

I was just thinking about that on my walk today and thought you might want to know :)

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~Miss Nelson said...

WOW you really spoke to me with this today. Thank you.