Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update: Miracles can happen

update: it's creole seasoning y'all :)

OK, y'all, it was a miracle waiting to happen..... I'm learning to cook!! I always get really inspired whenever I visit either my mom or my sister-in-law. They are great cooks and love to take care of people when they are with them. My mom will always make sure to cook our favorite meals when we are home and Monica always likes to make you feel right at home in her house and in her kitchen. I've gotten quite old-fashioned in my old age, and now that I've met someone that I really want to take care of, I thought it was time to learn to cook for him. My problem is finding tasty AND healthy, low fat recipes that are good for beginners. I've started with the basics, well actually I started with just tasty and high fat :) As soon as I got back from DC, inspired by being around my mom and my sister at the same time, I made David a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich! Hehe not exactly heart healthy :) but it was yummy... and it was a milestone that I actually made bacon! I must love that man. It wasn't just any grilled cheese though, it was my brother's special concoction, made with 6-grain bread from the Amish market in DC and gruyere cheese. My brother puts mustard on it and Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning, I made one for myself and just left the bacon off, of course. So yesterday, I baked chicken for the first time in my life (yes, don't make fun of me!) and made mashed potatoes. The chicken turned out a little lemony with the flavors that I put on it, so I'm going to make a pasta & broccoli dish and add it to that and see how it turns out with that. David is very loving and helpful through my learning process. I had to make peace with the fact that nothing is probably going to turn out right on the first try, so I'm just looking at everything like an experiment and he is helping me by tasting and giving me some tips to improve the dishes. I'll keep you posted with new recipes, because if I can make it and it turns out good, then anybody can make it!


Laura(southernxyl) said...

"I had to make peace with the fact that nothing is probably going to turn out right on the first try...."

I think that's the ticket to learning to do anything. Sewing, definitely. I sewed for my daughter for years and I still turned out the occasional turkey. You have to know that's going to happen and be OK with it.

I like to sprinkle a little dill on my grilled-cheese sandwiches. My husband and daughter don't care for it so I have to keep track of which one mine is.

Keelah said...

Congratulations!!! It warms my heart that your man has inspired this in you. :) And that sounds like onw heck-uva sammich!

CreoleInDC said...

Um...Tony Chacherie is CREOLE seasoning. CREOLE.

It's like you don't even KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW me.