Thursday, September 06, 2007


I finally had my first fondue experience when I went up to see Heidi a couple of weeks ago. We went to The Melting Pot and it was all yummy and fun. Probably better as a couples date night, but we decided to go anyway :) But of course, now I'll be taking David next time as a fun date night. Heidi had the seasoned chicken and I had the vegetarian dinner, but of course it was the cheese course and the dessert course that was the absolute best. Cheese, bread and veggies, how can you go wrong with that?! and then we had milk chocolate melted with caramel and pecans to dip our bananas, cheesecake, biscotti & strawberries, totally decadent!!

Heidi had driven to the restaurant, but when we got there we decided to have some wine and by the time dinner was over we decided it was best not to drive anywhere. About that time, Heidi's mom called her to check in, because she knew we might be out having some drinks and wanted to see if we needed a ride home! So we took her up on that offer, who needs a cab when mom's on the way. And Heidi's dad came with her to drive her car home so we wouldn't have to drive out and pick it up the next day. Are we spoiled or what?! The funniest part about this was when we were leaving the restaurant, her mom turned in the wrong direction to get on the freeway. As she pulled up to a light to make a U-turn, we noticed what looked like a DUI checkpoint ahead at the next intersection, so Heidi and I were very happy about our designated driver. However, after her mom made the U-turn, we immediately noticed lights start flashing on the cop car that had been waiting at the corner of the intersection. Of course, he was waiting for people making that U-turn who were trying to avoid the checkpoint. So I think he was a little surprised to see two tipsy women in their 30's being driven home by Mom! So after assessing the situation and chatting it up with Heidi's mom (Heidi and I were just keeping our mouth shut!), the officer decided no ticket was necessary.

Heidi's mom: Officer, I always told them that if they or their friends ever needed a ride to call me no questions asked... I never wanted them drinking and driving. So anyone could call at any time and we'd make sure they got home safe.

Officer: Will you give me your number so I can call you next time I need a ride home?

Heidi's mom: Of course, young man!

So the universe definitely was on the lookout for us that night, we could have probably talked ourselves into driving home, we hadn't had that much to drink... but we knew better. We had planned to call a cab until Heidi's mom called us up. So we've got a funny story to tell instead of a DUI... life es bueno :)

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