Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Go Chargers!!!

The Chargers pulled through and won last Sunday against the Chicago Bears in their season opener. I was nervous to watch it because even though we have all the starters back this season, we have a whole new coaching staff and you just never know. They have to get better this week if they're going to beat the Patriots (and also if they're not going to give me a heart attack) but maybe now that the Patriots are being watched closely after their cheating scandal, we can at least get a fair game. It should at least be very exciting!

David surprised me about a month ago by buying me an LT jersey... it's perfect and I'll be wearing it to watch every game, especially the one against the Chiefs which I'll get to go to, whoo hoo!! I told you he's the best, and he knows how to pick out the perfect gift for me :) I'm spoiled... and so is he :)

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