Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Charger Blues

David and I are very competitive people. It helps our competitive spirit to watch sports and to put heart and soul into our teams. This creates a healthy outlet so that we're not necessarily competitive with each other :) Sometimes we are, but it's nice to keep it in a healthy balance and ultimately my only job as I see it, is to be his biggest fan. He's a stud and I make sure he knows it! :)

Having said that, we were in a funk on Sunday. The Chargers lost to the Packers.... and then the Padres lost to the Rockies. These are important games for our teams and they LOST!! With lots of drama to boot. Women who are not into sports, by the way, should follow it simply for the drama on and off the field... It's really a soap opera every week.

The good news is that I get to go with David to the KC game next Sunday. He has season tickets with his brother and nephew and since they are out of town, he is taking me and my friend Angela... see, I told you he's a stud :) We will have lots of fun no matter what, but it will be so exciting if the Chargers win this one at home. I've got my LT jersey all ready to go, but even LT's got to step up his game if we want to have a GREAT season, not just good, but GREAT. So be cheering with me on Sunday for our football boys... and hopefully the Padres will still be playing after that to!

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CreoleInDC said... the country they put studs out to pasture before their prime. WATCH YOUR BACK!