Monday, September 17, 2007

What's Wrong with Philip Rivers?!

K, the Chargers are going to give me high blood pressure if they keep playing like they did last night... They got steamrolled by the Patriots, who I hated even before the whole "cam scam" scandal started last week. I hated them last season when they beat us in the playoffs and if there was ever anyone I really wanted to punch in the face, it's Tom Brady. Well, now it's Bill Belichick, but we'll make him #2 in line. You might be thinking, "Hey, I thought Rachel was a peaceful, granola eatin' hippie chick" and you would be right... as long as we're not talking about competitive sports, and especially my Chargers!! I love my Chargers, but my boys have to step up the game if they think they're going all the way. Ok, my blood pressure is going up again... I'll have to go find something peaceful and healthy to write about.

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