Wednesday, May 02, 2007


David and I took a cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico weekend before last and had soooo much fun! We relaxed in Ensenada, chilled in the jacuzzi by the pool on Sunday, played in the casino and kept each other laughing all weekend. However, on the last night of the cruise, David got violently ill with what we thought was food poisoning.... but nope, it was stomach flu, as I found out on Thursday when I became a little less violently ill! So I have finally recuperated and am back to blogging and getting some pics up here from the trip. I tried to take care of David while he was sick as best as I could, but I had no idea how much he was suffering until I got sick! By then, he knew exactly how to take care of me while I recovered, moving me from bed to couch and making sure I had crackers and Gatorade and jello by the couch (in a cooler, no less!!) when he came home from work to check on me. He's the best :) I'll keep adding pics from the cruise, but here are a couple of the sunset from our stateroom and us in Ensenada.


David said...

that sure is a good looking couple :)

Lola Granola said...

Ya, we're hot ;) hehe