Sunday, February 18, 2007

Exercise - Add 10 minutes today

I'm off in a while to run around Mission Bay. It's about an 8 mile run and this is just a normal run to keep me on track for the marathon next week. I'm in the "tapering" phase of training where my running decreases until the marathon so that I'm rested and healthy after my 20 mile run a few weeks ago. When I'm not training, this is the run I do on the weekends just as part of my routine.

I always thought running a marathon sounded so unbelievable, how can you run 26.2 miles?! I had never run more than probably 3 miles at the time. But then my brother ran the Mardi Gras marathon a few years ago and that made it believable... if he can run it, then so can I! (That's a competitive sister for you!) So when I started training for the Marine Corps marathon that we were going to run together, I was amazed when I finally went for a 10 mile run ~ and survived it!! Now, I'm hooked on the goal. I probably wouldn't work as hard on my physical activity if I didn't set these goals for myself ~ running 5k's, half-marathons and training for future marathons.

What does your physical activity routine look like? Regular exercise is not only necessary for managing your weight, but it helps to slow down the aging process and decreases the risks for many aging and weight related diseases. So here's my assignment to you today:

Add 10 minutes of physical activity to your day today. If that is only 10 minutes, then that is perfect. If you are not currently exercising regularly, start problem-solving to add just 10 minutes of exercise, such as walking, to your day. Regular habits require momentum and momentum requires consistency, so start doing today whatever you can keep doing tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that.

Regular exercise requires developing the skills of problem-solving. We are all busy and find it difficult to fit into our day, plus it's not always fun to exercise, but practice today finding a way to add 10 additional minutes of intentional exercise into your day.

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