Monday, February 19, 2007


Think about your car for a moment... when you pull up to a gas station, what kind of fuel do you put into it? Do you expect your car to run properly after filling it up? What if you pulled into the gas station and found a sign that stated that the fuel had sand and dirt and chemicals in it that would damage the systems in your car, cause your car to slowly deteriorate and become sluggish and eventually cause your car to stop running altogether? But they would sell it to you for 10 cents a gallon. Would you rationalize putting it into your car? Or would you value your car enough to make a habit of going to another gas station, always giving it the best fuel you could afford to keep it running properly for as long as you could?

Think about your body for a moment... what kind of fuel are you giving it on a daily basis? Are you expecting it to run like a sports car, but fueling it like a g0-cart? Are you putting polluted fuel into it and wondering why you feel sluggish and tired? Do you value yourself and your health enough to make the effort to put the best fuel possible into your body? Do you know how to find the proper fuel for your body and that it will help you feel more energetic?

Start today. Today, buy fruits, vegetables and whole grains and learn how to prepare them so that you will enjoy them in a low fat manner. Feed your body so that you will feel brilliant and fabulous and energetic.


CreoleInDC said...

This was GREAT!

Tsiporah05 said...

This was a really great entry!! Really food for thought, no pun intended. I told Monnie that I put your blog into my favorites so keep all the good advice coming.